Welcome to the RealCondoLife blog – a personal blog, written and edited by me.  Please join me at RealCondoLife to share in my family of five’s 30 day condo adventure. Please feel free to write and submit comments on any posts.  I believe in and welcome respectful differences of views and opinions that lead to healthy and honest conversation (and yes, even debate). I also reserve the right not to approve comments that I find to be negative and contrary to the intended supportive spirit of the journey we are on. It is a journey of growth and learning.

This is a platform to document our transition from a suburban single family home to an urban condo. The intention is to note both the positive and negative experiences we encounter during our transition.  It is also an opportunity to experience what customers of our organization go through and to “walk a mile” in their shoes. I would therefore like to openly disclose a conflict of interest and existing relationship with Tridel and the Tridel Group of Companies, of whom I work with and am involved in as a founding family member. They may have an impact on the content of this blog.

This blog does not accept any form of advertising, sponsorship, or paid insertions. I write for my own purposes any my opinions are my own. I admittedly, am influenced by my own personal background and experience.  I am not compensated (monetary or otherwise) in any way from this blog.  I am not compensated to provide my opinion on products, services, websites or other topics that I share.

Every effort is made to ensure accuracy of content at the time of posting. If there are significant differences, I will make efforts to update. The information provided is for informational and entertainment purposes only. All content that is used from RealCondoLife is at your own risk and the reading of this blog is of your own will.

RealCondoLife owns all copyrights to the site content.  That being said, if there’s anything that you want to share, please be kind enough to use it with proper attribution. RealCondoLife has the right to change ownership, authors, content and focus of (as well as discontinue) this blog at anytime.

Any questions or comments related to this blog should be directly sent to myself at andread AT Tridel DOT com.

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