Every organization should be lucky enough to have someone like Luke DelZotto Hammond working for them. Luke, who has special needs, is a reminder that we should look at people’s abilities not their disabilities. I can tell you for a fact that Luke is dear to everybody at Tridel. Let me explain…

Luke is our Office Services Clerk, and a super-friendly and well-liked member of our team—the first part is in the job description, the second part is earned. He wears some big shoes when it comes to providing support for Tridel and Deltera (Tridel’s construction services company) by looking after our boardrooms, supporting the mail room and maintaining the office supply room.

Without Luke monitoring our printers and fax machines, emptying the recycling bins and ensuring our mail delivery—not to mention doing many other daily chores—the office would be a much less pleasant place to be. And Luke does it with a smile. He’s someone you can count on not only to get the job done, but also to help us uphold the warm environment that Tridel is proud of. He’s a reminder to us that small things can make a difference. We all know how frustrating it can be when the mail is late, the copier has no paper, or the water cooler is empty. Luke removes all those little frustrations from our day

Luke making deliveries with his trusty black mail cart has been a familiar sight in our hallways. But the cart was beginning to show a bit of wear and tear due to frequent use and drew some good-natured calls for a “Pimp My Ride” rebuild. If the reference doesn’t a ring bell, it’s the name of a TV show that saw a beat-up car totally restored and customized.

Luke, his trusty, reliable but a little worn out black mail cart with members of our head office team.

So when Luke went on vacation, magic happened.

Mario Cimicata, who is Vice President of Construction Management at Deltera has a big heart and genuine mechanical know-how. Mario took the initiative to secure the materials needed for a whole new “ride”—or cart—for Luke. That included ordering a cool-looking set of multidirectional rotating red wheels that feature better functionality.

The cart was painted signature Tridel red, and Daniele Feidler and her brand experience team took the design up a notch when they came up with the name “DEL-ivery” which was emblazoned in white, on three sides.

The cart’s refined quality and attention to detail remind me of Steve Jobs’ insistence that even the inside of Apple’s computers has to be beautiful. We share that viewpoint. The cart is more than a way to express our affection for Luke: it captures the Tridel brand because we like to make sure that even the insides of things like kitchen cupboards are attractive.

Mario Cimicata, VP Construction Management at Deltera getting Luke’s new DEL-ivery cart ready for the big reveal.

On Luke’s return from holiday, we held a big reveal ceremony, and I’m not certain who got more joy out of the presentation of the cart: Luke or us. I know that he felt wonderfully appreciated, but all involved in the event came away with a positive memory of their workplace. And the story doesn’t end at our head office.

Out with the old, and in with the new!

Though it hasn’t been decided yet, there’s a real possibility the design used for Luke’s new DEL-ivery cart will be rolled out (pardon the pun) at our condo communities as well. Not only is it a useful tool but it’s also a great practical brand ambassador for Tridel.

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