Let me be the first to say that he’s been a trooper. He’s had a lot of raving fans on this adventure that have commended him,  offered congratulatory pats and told me how lucky I was to have him on my side. To be honest, a part of me wonders why. This has not been a hardship by any measure. We have moved into a beautiful north Toronto Condo. Not a developing country.  He has in fact lived in a developing country in his past, and as a result, always has an appreciation of all the good fortune in our lives.  That being said of course, it doesn’t negate the fact that he has some complaints. So here you go…

HIS top 5 Kvetches

(1) King bed. He’s over 6 feet tall and has really gotten accustomed to a King. Yes, we started in a queen, and at one time we even enjoyed a double. Hey, there were even times when the floor and a sleeping bag were all that we needed. But let’s face it… I used to enjoy football games in the winter and he used to not mind tagging along on shopping sprees.  A dozen years and three boys later, times have changed. A different, better kind of love.

(2) Corridor lightbulb.  It’s been burnt out for quite a while. Possibly the duration of our stay.   And it happens to be right outside of our suite entry door, so while the hallways are still well lit, it’s pretty obvious. It also gives him the opportunity nonetheless, to puff out his feathers and remind me that at home, (with my nagging of course) it would have been replaced by now. I suggested to let the Property Manager or Concierge know. I reminded him that often, the problem with common area deficiencies is that everyone thinks that everyone else has reported them. He wondered why maintenance didn’t notice and replace it during the past few weeks. Granted. A good question.  Sometimes the bulbs are on back order? Still, it’s amusing that he’s starting to sound like me.

(3) Elevator woes. These are still a source of frustration for him. Despite his tips and tricks to make them work in his favour, he finds it difficult to add on the vertical distance when he forgets something. Particularly in the morning.  For some reason, he still forgets keys/phones and has to make multiple morning trips. I personally think its an excuse just to get another kiss goodbye.

(4) Electric stove.  This one shocked me. I’m surprised that he noticed the difference, but he did comment on how much faster things cooked on our gas stove at home.  Personally, I find cleaning a ceramic top slightly easier. Plus, the appliances were stainless steel and I wouldn’t exactly consider the condo to be outdated.

(5) Doors. Let’s face it.  Houses settle. That happens whether you’re in a single family home, townhouse or 20 storey condo.  Things shrink, things expand and sometimes, things even crack.  The interior doors probably swelled slightly and the result was rubbing against the door frame, that didn’t exactly allow for a quiet exit upon opening.  Particularly in the early morning, when he was perhaps going out to “get the papers” at our house.   This happened to the doors at  our house as well, over a period of time. The simple solution was rubbing sandpaper along the trim to shave a little bit off and to make it fit once again. We didn’t attempt to do it here, since we didn’t want to rub off the paint.  His other door related kvetch was of course, access devices… namely the size of the fobs.

THE BONUS KVETCH- His Man Cave. With an NHL budweiser light and siren, large screen tv, beer fridge, foozball, xbox and gym with free weights and cardio equipment… what’s not to miss? And the mini man cave for the little boys, equipped with an additional coke fridge and enough floor space to play mini sticks.

Source: rantlifestyle.com

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