“It takes a village” doesn’t just apply to raising a child. If you stay attuned to the world around you,  you’ll see that accomplishments both big and small, are seldom the results of one person. I try to notice every day and to thank my own personal village, that makes every day a little more manageable. Here are some examples.

It was like it never happened. The mess outside had disappeared by very the early morning, thanks to the caretaker at the  school who attended to cleaning up all of the litter that the kids left behind. It really is a shame that he has to do it, considering they’re old enough to know better. Fortunately he’s part of the community (Example #1)

Speaking of knowing better…. I really think he might, and I apologize on my six year old son’s behalf. This is what I caught him doing as I turned around to “spotcheck” him along our walk to a restaurant for dinner this evening.  What can I say? What should I say? Boys will be boys? I did try to stop him but it was fait accompli. I suppose this is the reality of what an elevator ride away can lead to when nature desperately calls. On the bright side, he was still respecting the turf.

Sorry – Gotta Go!

Perhaps he misunderstood the elevator notice from this morning that there would be yet another water shut down. This time however, was NOT a complete shut-off, yet only the hot water due to inspection of the water tanks. These are the maintenance realities of condo living. The positive is that this type of work is anticipated and announced, rather than a reactive and disruptive event.

water shut off

And speaking of water, we noticed a small pool of water on the floor this morning just out front of the refrigerator. This was the second day in a row. We had assumed that yesterdays sighting was just a result of the dog drinking from his water bowl sloppily, and quickly wiped it up.  Two consecutive days made us realize otherwise. With an early morning email to the service team at DelSuites, they had arranged for a technician to investigate and solve the problem within a few hours, while I was at work. (Example #2)

As I pulled into the underground from work this afternoon, I was inspired as to what I’d like for my next birthday present. It was big, it had wheels and a huge capacity to carry stuff. And no, it’s not the pick up truck that I dream of.  It was a 1-800-GOT JUNK? truck. And this condo adventure has helped me to realize that I certainly do! We all do.

Happy Birthday to Me!

And in order to tidy up my life, I have to first tidy up my mind, at least that’ what Marie Kondo says, who was one of Fast Company’s most creative people in 2015.

As mentioned, dinner was at a local restaurant tonight. With dad and brother #1 at baseball, and what was the beginning of the weekend, it seemed a fair enough excuse not to cook. And so we invited our friends two floors up to join us. Besides, by adding my friend and her daughter to dinner, it magically changes the dynamic. It gives brothers #2 and #3 something else to focus on, besides each other (and sibling rivalry).

Thank You Village!



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