Still no complaints about the lack of toys here. Fascinating that the boys continue to find  creative ways to play. Today’s play required the simple tool of masking tape.  And imagination. That was all that was needed to turn a side table into a wrapped gift box with miscellaneous items packed inside.


We’re also learning that some tools we used in our old place, come in just as handy if not handier in a smaller space.  Sometimes when you just can’t tune out the rest of your surroundings (a.k.a. brothers) , a pair of headphones does the trick very nicely.


The elevator ride to the car this morning was a great lesson in math. The littlest one wondered why the numbers got higher as we got lower into the underground parking.

His brothers explained negative numbers to him, and that was just the beginning of a mathematics morning. There are numbers everywhere when you’re managing a large number of suites, lockers, cars (and people). Even on the field looking outside of our window. The 50 yard line has a whole new perspective now and their understanding and appreciation of football just got intensely deeper.

One of the boys had a sleepover this evening and there was one little hiccup I hadn’t thought of when I packed so lightly. Toothbrushes. I thought I was so clever with one electric toothbrush base and three head attachments for the boys bathroom. I hadn’t contemplated a sleepover and that he wouldn’t be able to take his toothbrush with him. Turns out you always need that junk cupboard or drawer with an extra supply of toiletries, such as toothbrushes, batteries, razors.  Fortunately, the 24 hr shoppers is just a few steps away.

With their older brother away, the little ones and I decided to play some Hide and Seek. They took it to a whole new level as they asked if we could venture out into the common areas as hiding spots are getting harder to come by in the suite.

They discovered (safe) nooks and crannies in the lobby that weren’t too far off the beaten path and made finding them just a tad more challenging and rewarding.

I was happy to end the evening with a five minute walk to meet an old friend who lives nearby.  After catching up, I was able to enjoy a great walk home alone on a beautiful mild, spring evening. I even had to stop on my way in and take a second glance at the Public Art outside our entrance, that was even more beautiful at night.


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