I can tell you that no matter how much smaller your living space is and that no matter how close in proximity you place the laundry bin, they won’t hit it. The kids/boys/husband will continue to drop and flop.

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At our old place, I tried buying more hampers and thought that by means of their combined abundance and strategic placement, I’d be able to stop picking things up around their periphery. What a waste of space (and money)! So in the condo we’re down to only two, but have the same dilemma.

Source: Sadly, my own

On the other hand, I noticed another small but awesome advantage to close quarters. I can easily go back in time to when the boys were little when we’d warm up their towels before they got out of the bath.

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Something that used to require tag teaming since we couldn’t leave them in the tub. Now they’re older but it’s just  ten steps away (literally) and so easy to do, even solo. May sound like indulgence and I know they’re getting older but really, they’re still little.  It really is the simple pleasures that bring us the greatest joy. Try it!

I actually thought I’d have a problem with the appliances here since they’re stacked and slightly smaller, but they’re doing the job well. What I do miss however is the timer on them. I loved knowing how many minutes remaining so I’d know whether to hang around before transferring or emptying a load. I also miss the clothes horse in our laundry room.

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I know DellSuites mentioned they had one one available but I’m not really sure I need it where I’d put it. (Probably the bedroom or den, they’re spacious enough).  For now, the few things that are “hang-to-dry” pieces fit quite nicely on hangers in one side of the closet! Yes, there is extra room since we packed only what we needed. And no, I’m really not missing my closet at home yet, and amazingly haven’t had to run home for a wardrobe change.

The large sink in the laundry room is another thing I miss. This is a laundry closet. The construction and innovation teams at work (and me) are constantly evaluating appliances.  I remember being completely mesmerized at CES with a washing machine that had a built in sink. Since space is at a premium in most condos, this is a really cool, clever concept.  The appliance I’m most envious about here is the refrigerator. I’ll have to find out why theirs, while stainless steel just as in our house, is magnetic! For now, a small basin set in the tub suffices.

We noticed this morning  in the elevator that there’s going to be a new website for the building that will keep residents up to date on community events and also allow them to make reservations through the system. Wasn’t I just saying I prefer self-serve. Who wants to play telephone tag and even more frightening, who wants another threaded email?  I stopped by the desk and asked about it but unfortunately, as a short term tenant, it wasn’t available to me.  They’re working on a solution.

It’s still odd to me that while living in a shared space where I actually have friends living already, I seldom see them and don’t bump into them often, if at all. You still need to plan it and can’t leave it to fate. So it was really strange this morning (and a pleasant surprise) when I bumped into two of my friends in the lobby.  One was coming in from walking her dog and the other heading out to yoga, who kindly extended the offer for me to join her while I’m in the ‘hood. I’ll definitely take her up on it. So, speaking of planned dates, hubby and were in real need of some alone time, so I arranged for one tonight. Besides, he’s going out of town for a few days tomorrow.

I have to be honest, I boarded the pup for a few days, since logistically, with small kids and a dog, it was difficult.  My closest friend in the building is out of town as well,  and I’m in fact checking in on her cat while she’s gone. Had she been here, she surely would have taken my dog out at night with her own, or even watched the boys while I snuck out at night.  But neither are an option and I can’t leave the boys in the condo alone when they’re sleeping to take the dog for his night walk. The backyard worked well in these scenarios, but that too, is not an option.date night

Off we headed, car-less, with no reservation, no plan. Just each other. It was nice.  Once again, we met even  more people in the elevator. We both notice that contrary to people’s assumption about uncomfortable and awkward elevator silence, most people in this community are really friendly and talk to each other (rather than stare up at the elevator floor display, counting the numbers until you get off).  We rode down with players from a softball team with the most incredible name – The Bacon-ators! It’s funny, in our old neighbourhood we know a handful of people, yet even with the family right next door the six foot hedge keeps us from saying hello even when we’re on adjacent driveways.

We weren’t far out the front lobby door when I pulled my husband across the street to say hi to the cutest new canine in the neighbourhood. Probably the only time I’d be so eager to say hi to their Rotweiller. In six months, he’ll be bigger than our lab. The same lab that I’m missing already 😦

Sweet puppy!


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