It’s always great to have a 24 hr Shoppers within walking distance. I needed to pick up two water carafes for the office. We have a shared mission to stay hydrated and to reduce our own personal use of plastic water bottles. We build green, so let’s live green too!

Nice Jugs

I headed out first thing before anyone was awake. What an amazing feeling to have something crossed off your to-do list by 6:15 am. But this wasn’t early by urban standards. It was a stark contrast to our old neighbourhood where curtains were typically drawn and houses were still. This was vibrant and busy. The construction trucks nearby were loaded and waiting for 7 am to strike so they could begin their day. That being said, they seldom waited.  The crane is often moving by 6:30 am, contrary to the city bylaws.  Fortunately, not one of our job sites.

I suppose I was an easy target on my way back, having to pass a crew of construction workers while double-fisted with my beautiful, new carafes. “Nice Jugs,” echoed in my ears as I passed by.  Again, fortunately not one of our job sites.  On the bright side however, I’ve discovered compliments are easier to come by, in an urban setting. That’s if that even qualifies as one.

My little one was ready for our a.m. coffee run when I got back, so down we went. Another item crossed off my to-do list. (I do normally brew my own, but the suite didn’t have the filters for the coffeemaker it was equipped with, so I figured I’d indulge!) We decided to take the stairs back up to the suite this time, just to keep things interesting.

stairs copy
Fit for Condo Living

He lasted four flights of stairs… and I carried him ten. A whole new kind of stair climber and I’m expecting to feel the results tomorrow.

When I picked him up from school today, his teacher asked if she could have a “word.” Never a good sign. Apparently, he was sharing the news about our new condo with her, and she was a bit surprised, since I hadn’t mentioned  it. She wanted to discuss what impact the change of scene may have had on him and wished I had told her beforehand, so she could understand any possible changes. I hadn’t thought of that. Me and my bohemian ways. In my mind, change is really the only constant there is. While like most children, he likes his routines and structure… he has always seems open to change and adventure. All of his needs were still being met in my mind, and he truly seemed alright.  He seemed happy.

school happy liam copy
Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, it’s off to school I go

He was acting no different and seemed like the same child.  Bright, challenging and always requiring me to outsmart him.  But suddenly, I felt terrible. And guilty. Had I shifted his world so severely that he was suffering?

We arrived home and he asked if he could bring his bike upstairs for a ride around the track tomorrow morning. Not something I could promise. And so he delivered me with an ultimatum. He would stay in the car until both he and his bike could come up together. I knew we’d have to calmly talk this one out. When it involves a six year old, that often also means you have to wait it out. His older brother was ready to go upstairs after a long day at school and it didn’t seem fair to subject him to this too, so I decided to use a life line. I called my husband.  And that it when I discovered, that contrary to my great experience on the P2 level and in the elevators, P3 does not have a strong wifi signal. In fact, it has none. So up we drove to P2 to get a signal.  My husband came down to give me an extra pair of hands, and at that point it seemed we had outlasted the ultimatum.  And so, we headed upstairs. With bags clenched in one hand, a seven year old’s hand in the other, and a six year old somehow finding balance on my hips while sobbing, I had never been more grateful for the sensor that automatically opened the lobby door for me. Having to search for my fob in a bottomless purse at this point would have certainly been the last straw. And so, I counted my blessings. And yet still, I cried myself to sleep.

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  1. Love the post. Lol about the persistence of children and the greater (hopefully) perseverance of parents.

    My vote is for adventure and we also subscribe to CHANGE as the universal constant and in our house , add CHAOS. You GO girl! Said teacher probably also subscribes to Piaget. Your “nomads” sound beautifully engaged and wonderfully independant.

    Also, can’t believe you carried your son on the stairs. As I post this, my calves have the dull ache left by my own stair work-out. What an unexpected plus of CONDO living, 27 floors of pure STAIRMASTER!


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