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  1. So funny we often think of the things we wil miss first but having lived in a condo with my family (albiet smaller one), I can say that I soon forgot what I lost and began to really treasure what I now love about the condo lifestyle and family living:

    1) no stairs for my child to fall down

    2) a personal play zone in the winter and the rain (pool, gym, party room, theatre, billiards)

    3) Concierge 24/7 who is there to get packages and stuff when we can’t be and also greets my daughter when she walks home from practice alone

    4) PARKING where I never have to shovel snow and my car is always warm and dry for me and my family

    5) MORE FAMILY TIME since we don’t have all that home maintenance stuff to deal with

    So much more ….small can be hard but it can be liberating too as you get rid of a lot of what you don’t really need…also the intimacy and closeness…having grown up in a large house and farm we rarely saw eachother..only at the dinner table..in a condo your more connected.

    So amazed that you and your family have started this adventure, GOOD LUCK and you may be surprised…like we were…on how much we loved the lifestyle…


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