Things were looking good from a distance of 30,000 ft. (They usually do). But I needed to get closer. DelSuites met me on site and we toured the suite I was interested in. 14th floor. Beautiful suite. Beautiful view.

But like most people feel when they walk into their new condo… it was smaller than I expected. I stayed open minded. I could “fit” my family in here. DelSuites had equipped it with everything a long term resident would need, with the exceptions of a few small adjustments.  I envisioned bunk beds in place of the double bed in the second bedroom. A twin bed in the den. I’d also need to add a fifth chair to the dining room table. There were only four. I needed two parking spots, not one. I needed a locker… think hockey equipment x three boys, need I say more? I checked with DelSuites and none of the above were a problem. With a little effort, we could make this work! Searching for solace online, I also discovered another family that had FIVE kids and lived in a two bedroom + Den. Check it out here.

But would they be happy? I thought of all the things I thought they’d (we’d) miss… primarily their own rooms. A little panic started to set in. I called hubby and thanked him for his support but that in reality, it probably wasn’t the best idea. I was deflated.

But he surprised me. Instead of relief at the other end of the line letting him know my grand plan wasn’t so grand, he became my cheerleader. He threw up his pom poms and urged me to take on the challenge. “To be honest,” he said “I was kind of excited. And hey, it’s only 30 days.”

Told you I lucked out. And so, the wheels were in motion. There was one more small thing I’d need that wasn’t included in the suite.  An ice cream scoop.

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