Beautiful BBQ
Cool Cabanas
Party Room

All smart decisions are informed ones. So we thought we’d learn a bit more about this community. Boys in hand (dog at home) we decided to visit the site. Fortunately our friend that lives there buzzed us in. The amenities were amazing. The party room had me inventing things I could celebrate. And no, it would NOT be my son’s next birthday. Not the kid-friendliest venue (with white furniture and sharp cornered furniture), but with supervision, I could easily think of an upcoming occasion that we could all safely attend there. No imagination required however, to find a reason to book the cabanas and the BBQ’s which lucky for me, had just opened for the season. It was hard not to be impressed.

The location was vibrant and it matched the pace of the boys. Fast. They loved the football field that was just out front of the adjoining school.  There was a soccer game, an exercise class, a rollerblader and a dog playing frisbee, all happening at the same time.


All of the retail just steps away had everything we could ever need.  The park nearby was amazing. And there were still traces of nature, if you stopped and remembered to be mindful.


The only thing we truly didn’t need and I had to quickly bypass, was Sugar Mountain, which I’m sure they’ll discover soon enough.

IMG_4469IMG_4507 3

I gained a whole new perspective on Public Art. I saw through the eyes of a five year old, that if it’s done well, it’s engaging, informative and beautiful.

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