Did I mention my family is a condo developer? Did I mention we have a Family of Companies that stem from the core business? Property Management, Condominium Rentals and Long Term Furnished Suites. How’s that for a conflict of interest (or three)?

I remind you that my experiment is simply if a family of five can live in a condo for 30 days.  But let’s face it. I do wear two hats. And what better way to learn about your brand, and what your customers go through than to experience it yourself?

The first logical place I looked at was our sister company, specializing in long term Furnished Suites, DelSuites. Not many options for 3 Bedrooms in the area I was hoping for. I then googled furnished 3 bedroom suites in the GTA (without bias) and again, not much in terms of results in that location. And so I reconsidered what I really needed. Maybe I didn’t need the size I thought I did. But I did need the location. A 2 bedroom plus Den was all we really needed. Within 24 hours, I sent an email to DelSuites and had a reply with my top four choices (including floor plans & prices). Their representative scheduled an appointment for me to visit the suite I preferred within two days.

This leads me to my many people’s inevitable questions – (including my hubby’s). Just how honest was I going to be? Obviously, I have a bias. But I also have a deep willingness to learn. We all do. I have had all of the related companies involved ask me to share what I experience and to bring forward any areas of improvement. How’s that for transparency? Be skeptical if you may, but there will definitely be lessons learned and shared here. Otherwise, let me ask you, how real would REALCONDOLIFE be?

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